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Sagefrog Marketing Group, LLC is a full service marketing, interactive and public relations agency located in the greater Philadelphia area. We specialize in health, technology, and business marketing for companies based in the greater Philadelphia and New Jersey area.
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As B2B marketers know, lead nurturing is all about directing potential clients through the sales cycle until the buy. Determining qualified leads and converting them into clients is essential to success. There is potential to optimize your lead nurturing campaigns, through developing more relevant marketing tactics to reach your leads more effectively. Review these tips […]

Looking to drive more traffic to your website? Below are 7 tips you can easily implement to help you achieve your traffic goals. Answer Questions – Social media gives you the ability to find relevant conversations and be a part of them. Start engaging to build your credibility and get noticed. Create Content – Create […]

In marketing, there is no one singular tactic that will help you achieve huge results. Instead, you must look to integrating various marketing tactics to push your key messaging across all marketing channels. Integrated marketing is when all of your marketing channels are working together to deliver a powerful and consistent message and when implemented […]

Here are 27 tips to help you optimize your pre-event marketing campaign: The Event Page or Website Create a compelling description that clearly states the topic, time, place as well as specific benefits for each type of attendee. Include a bio and picture of the speaker Add an image and/or event related videos Have a […]

If you are looking to grow your business and expand into new markets, you need a full-service integrated marketing initiative. Here are the top three things that are holding your marketing efforts back and how to change them: 1. Using the same tactics year after year. Choosing the right mix of marketing activities is crucial […]

Content marketers have an uphill battle when it comes to creating new and innovative content. Here are 9 tips to becoming a successful content marketer in no time: Stay Current – Be on top of the latest developments in the industry. Embrace Consistency – Set a schedule and stick to it. If you have a […]

When pondering the meaning of Return on Investment (ROI), most consider it in financial terms. However, for Public Relations, ROI tends to be less monetary and instead built around delivering similar value, with both awareness and consumer relationships. Measuring the ROI of Public Relations has made leaps and bounds from the times when the only […]